Monday, 19 November 2012

Victor Figol - Autumn Rain

Victor Figol, Autumn Rain, 20x24High quality oil painting on canvas, 
Technique: palette knife, viewed on 19th November 2012

It was difficult to choose one of Victor Figol's paintings to observe and write about, since I like all his work. Victor Figol loves to explore the colour, light, composition, space and cast shade. His paintings are simple and exquisite at the same time. 

In each of his paintings he brings different mood, colours and emotions. Overall one can immediately notice that he created his own style, which distinguishes him from any other painter around the world. The use of palette knife creates rough strokes which adds less detail in the work, yet still creates a beautiful composition. 

In his painting Autumn Rain one can see .....
..... a couple walking together at night. It could be that they are returning home or simply having a stroll. The artist captures this moment from behind, so we see the back of the couple as they walk straight. In addition, they are under an umbrella and the man is holding the woman from behind, which indicates that they are enjoying a peaceful and tranquil moment. 

He used oil on canvas to create his expressive piece of art and the technique used was palette knife. In fact his works are often bold in the use of colour and brush strokes. In this painting, Victor Figol used warm colours mostly orange and yellow and the use of silhouette to create a night scenario. This contrasts with the usual colours used to portray a night effect, since night colours are usually cold whilst warm colours are usually used for daylight. This confuses the viewer, yet seeing the image several times, one could say the artist chose warm colours due to  the bright light of the street lights and most importantly to leave a warm feeling to the viewer. In fact this technique can be seen in some of his other works. 

One can also point out that there is a sort of symmetry going on due to the fact that the couple is in the middle of the painting, and even the trees and the lamps around the couple create a balanced feeling. Altogether with the blending of colours and the couple close to each other with the man's arm around the woman, it leaves a harmonious effect. It's a very beautiful and stunning work of art to look at and admire. I encourage you to view his other paintings!

Ebay 2012, Autumn Rain, Gorgeous Original Painting by Victor Figol Warm Colours, viewed on 19th November 2012

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